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Public Transportation

With a background in the Build Build Build, Anna Mae has been instrumental in shaping the transportation landscape by pushing for the institutionalisation of cycling infrastructure and the railway masterplan and laying the groundwork for the country's first subway system. Her vision for an intermodal transportation network emphasizes the need to transition from a car-centric infrastructure to a comprehensive, multi-modal system that seamlessly integrates various modes of transport, including trains, buses, cycling lanes, and pedestrian walkways. By prioritizing public transportation and promoting interconnectivity, Philippines can reduce traffic congestion, minimize environmental impact, and enhance accessibility for all citizens.

Join us in championing the transformation towards a more sustainable, people-centric transportation network that will propel the Philippines into a new era of mobility and connectivity.

  • “People would often ask - what is Build, Build, Build? it Is a springboard, a chance to turn a dream of connecting Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao into a reality. It means connecting 81 provinces, 146 cities, and 1,489 municipalities.” - Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo

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