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Drive Reform

Explore our efforts to transform and improve society through infrastructure, employment, education, healthcare, and justice. Join us in shaping a future where progress and equality thrive.

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Explore the multifaceted world of a millennial author, opinion columnist, food critic, and Juris Doctor who advocates for public transportation and digital access for all, with a special focus on empowering marginalized communities, all while bringing a unique perspective shaped by nine years of government service.

Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo's Night Owl Podcast Cover (English)

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Stay informed with Anime's mission-driven updates for a more inclusive world, focusing on empowering the most marginalized individuals in our society.

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“The Philippines can be a trillion dollar economy”.

Dive deeper into Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo's profound belief in the Philippines' potential to become a trillion-dollar economy. This section offers an intimate glimpse into her strategic vision, unwavering optimism, and the innovative approaches she champions for national growth. Click 'Read More' to understand the depth of her insights and her comprehensive blueprint for elevating the Philippines to new economic heights.



Anna Mae Lamentillo firmly believes that the Philippines has the potential to evolve into a trillion-dollar economy, driven by strategic development, innovation, and sustainable growth initiatives.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jobs Jobs Jobs successfully hired the largest workforce in Philippine history to propel the nation's most ambitious infrastructure masterplan.

Build, Build, Build

Together with 6.5 million Filipinos, Build, Build, Build completed 29,264 kilometers of roads, 5,950 bridges, 11,340 flood control projects, 222 evacuation centers, 150,149 classrooms, 214 airport projects, and 451 seaport projects.


Anna Mae Lamentillo is a staunch advocate for sustainable development, climate resilience, and environmental conservation to ensure a greener and healthier future for the Philippines.

Green Spaces

Philippines must invest in the preservation and creation of green spaces to improve public health, protect biodiversity, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.


“Night owl” presents a compelling narrative on the Philippine’s journey of change and transformation, from a tiger cub economy to a vision of a first world country. Through engaging storytelling and insightful commentary, Anna Mae sheds light on the progressive strides, challenges, and opportunities that have shaped the country's path towards sustainable development and societal inclusivity.

Join Anna Mae in unraveling the Philippines' inspiring narrative of growth and envisioning a future where sustainable, inclusive communities flourish on both a local and global scale.

Night Owl: A Nationbuilder's Manual
Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo's Night Owl Podcast Cover (Filipino)

Makinig at Alamin

Sumali sa amin sa pagtuklas ng mga mahahalagang aral at kwento sa ating sariling wika. Pakinggan ang ‘Night Owl Book’ podcast sa Filipino.

Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo's Night Owl Podcast Cover (English)

Listen and Discover

Join us in exploring transformative stories and insights. Dive into the ‘Night Owl Book’ podcast in English.

Night Owl: A Nationbuilder's Manual in English, Tagalog, Bisaya, Hiligaynon, Ilokano, Bikolano, and Kapampangan

Unlock Insights

Dive into ‘Night Owl Book’ for a deeper understanding of the Build, Build, Build initiative. Discover stories, lessons, and visions that have shaped our nation’s journey towards progress.


Insights from leaders shaping the narrative of national progress.

"Build, Build, Build started a revolution that would catapult Philippines to a trillion dollar economy and reinvigorate areas affected by conflict, crisis and underdevelopment."

Mark A. Villar
Secretary of DPWH (2016-2021)

Senator (2022-Present)

"Through this book Night Owl, author and columnist Anna Mae Lamentillo provides an insider’s view on the administration’s Build Build Build program and how it rallied to connect 81 provinces, 146 cities and 1,489 municipalities."

Salvador C. Medialdea

Executive Secretary of the Philippines (2016-2022)

"This book illustrates our strong commitment to put in place much-needed public infrastructure

that will allow our people to lead more productive, prosperous and comfortable lives."

Rodrigo Roa Duterte
16th President of the Philippines (2016-2022)

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