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Coast Guard Modernization

The strategic location of the Philippines in Southeast Asia underscores the necessity of a strong and capable Coast Guard to safeguard regional stability, maritime trade routes, and our national sovereignty. As an archipelagic nation, our seas are integral to our national security and economic prosperity. Commodore Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo champions the modernization of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to meet these critical needs.

By investing in modern vessels, cutting-edge surveillance technology, and specialized training programs, we not only bolster our national security but also reinforce our sovereignty and enhance the broader security architecture of the region. Commodore Lamentillo, inducted as Auxiliary Commodore of the PCGA Executive Squadron in 2023, emphasizes the humanitarian role of the PCG alongside its defense responsibilities. The PCG's mandate extends beyond defense to encompass maritime safety, environmental protection, and law enforcement, making it a pivotal institution in our national and regional security framework.

Modernizing the PCG is not merely an investment in hardware but in the well-being of our nation and its people. This includes ensuring maritime safety, securing our maritime territory, and protecting our marine environment. The PCG's noble duty of saving human and marine lives and their role in maintaining peace and order within our maritime jurisdiction highlight the importance of a well-equipped and well-trained Coast Guard.

Moreover, a modernized Coast Guard is essential in asserting and protecting the Philippines' sovereignty, especially in contested waters. The ability to effectively patrol and secure our maritime territory is crucial in upholding our sovereign rights and ensuring the sustainable use of our marine resources.

Through collaborative efforts with neighboring countries, international partners, and local communities, Commodore Lamentillo believes that the Philippines can strengthen maritime cooperation, combat transnational threats, and promote peace and prosperity in the waters surrounding the Philippines. The modernization of the PCG is a crucial step towards achieving these goals, ensuring that we are prepared to face the challenges of the future with resilience and capability while steadfastly protecting our nation's sovereignty.

Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Undersecretary Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo is inducted as Auxiliary Commodore of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) Executive Squadron by PCG Commandant Admiral Artemio Abu. The ceremony took place on Monday, January 2, at the PCG National Headquarters in Port Area, Manila.
Auxiliary Commodore Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo at the 38th National Convention (NACON) in Nasugbu, Batangas, held from June 15 to 17, 2023. The event gathered 2000 Philippine Coast Guard officers to discuss advancements in maritime security and strengthen regional cooperation.
Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Commodore Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo officially assumes her role during the induction ceremony at the PCG National Headquarters in Port Area, Manila. Inducted by PCG Commandant Admiral Artemio Abu, Commodore Lamentillo brings her dedication and expertise to the esteemed position.

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