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London Fashion Week: Mark Fast’s future is bright and edgy

(Photos by Can Levent)

The much-anticipated London Fashion Week commenced with a dazzling display as Mark Fast's “Galaxy Beyond” collection took the spotlight at The Broadway. Fast's distinctive vision seamlessly intertwined elements of urban city architecture inspired by architect Joe Colombo with space-inspired allure, gothic motifs, and opulent comfort, resulting in a captivating and commanding presence within the urban landscape.

(Photos by Can Levent)

The collection blended futuristic elements with edgy, urban-inspired designs, creating a visually captivating and avant-garde aesthetic. Models strutted down the runway in sleek, form-fitting garments adorned with metallic embellishments, reminiscent of celestial bodies and the vast expanse of outer space. The use of shimmering fabrics and iridescent textures added a sense of otherworldly allure, transporting the audience to a realm beyond the confines of Earth. 

(Photos by Can Levent)

The designer’s masterful use of architectural silhouettes and precision tailoring was evident throughout the collection, showcasing structured coats, sharp lines, and asymmetrical hemlines that exuded a powerful and confident aura. The juxtaposition of soft, luxurious fabrics with bold, industrial-inspired details created a captivating contrast that embodied the intersection of modernity and timeless elegance.

(Photos by Can Levent)

In the same light, the latest collection boldly reaffirmed the designer’s signature brand of knit designs while simultaneously pushing the boundaries with the incorporation of oversized coats and weather-resistant materials. The seamless fusion of these elements not only embodied his edgy aesthetic but also introduces a practical dimension to his creations.

The author at the Mark Fast show (Photo by Can Levent)

Overall, “Galaxy Beyond” by Mark Fast at The Broadway was a mesmerizing journey into a fashion-forward, otherworldly realm. This groundbreaking show undoubtedly set the tone for an exhilarating and boundary-pushing London Fashion Week.

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