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London Fashion Week: Dreaming Eli and the duality of feminine existence

Dreaming Eli's fashion show, inspired by the evocative poetry of Christina Rossetti, unfolded as a powerful and empowering ode to feminine strength and resilience. Drawing from Rossetti's poignant verses, Dreaming Eli crafted a collection that reverberated with a resounding message of empowerment and self-possession, ushering in a new era where women take center stage, reclaiming their narratives with unapologetic fervor.

Elisa Trombatore (middle) of Dreaming Eli (Photo by Ines Bahr)

The show's thematic resonance with Rossetti's verse “Remember me when I am gone away; gone far away into the silent land” was palpable, as it served as a poignant backdrop for the emergence of a female collective that refuses to be confined by societal norms and expectations. Dreaming Eli's presentation marked a departure from traditional notions of femininity, with women assuming agency over their bodies, desires, and emotional landscapes.

The collection's diverse range, spanning from corsetry and lingerie to streetwear, underscored the multifaceted nature of feminine identity. The juxtaposition of delicate, hand-embroidered t-shirts and deconstructed denim, upcycled from vintage Levi's, alongside stocking jersey and sheer bodycon silhouettes, epitomized the fusion of strength and vulnerability, resilience and sensuality.

(Photos by Ines Bahr)

Notably, the incorporation of ripped box jackets featuring molded corsetry adorned with pearls and distressed chiffons encapsulated the duality of feminine existence—embracing both the scars of adversity and the beauty of rebirth. This juxtaposition of raw, distressed elements with opulent adornments symbolized the transformative journey of women who have endured and emerged stronger, symbolizing the idea that one must experience pain to fully appreciate joy.

(Photos by Ines Bahr)

Dreaming Eli's portrayal of women as mystical and powerful creatures who assert ownership over their bodies and emotions resonated as a declaration of liberation and self-actualization. The collection's unapologetic celebration of feminine resilience and empowerment served as a testament to the enduring strength and fortitude of women who have transcended suffering and emerged reborn.

In essence, Dreaming Eli's show, inspired by Christina Rossetti's poignant verse, represented a bold and unyielding affirmation of feminine agency and empowerment. The collection's fusion of corsetry, lingerie, and streetwear, infused with the symbolism of rebirth and resilience, encapsulated the essence of a woman who has risen from the ashes, embracing her pain as a catalyst for transformative growth and unyielding vitality.

(Photos by Ines Bahr)

Overall, Dreaming Eli's presentation offered a resounding testament to the enduring spirit of women, amplifying their voices and experiences with a resolute declaration of empowerment, resilience, and unapologetic self-possession.

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