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A fresh take on West End classic: 'Cabaret' shines anew with Cara Delevingne and Luke Treadaway

Cara Delevingne (Sally Bowles) and Company. (Images by Marc Brenner)

In the heart of London's West End, the timeless classic "Cabaret" has been reinvigorated with a new ensemble that breathes fresh life into the storied corridors of the Kit Kat Club. At the forefront of this revival, Cara Delevingne, stepping into the iconic shoes of Sally Bowles, and Luke Treadaway, embodying the enigmatic Emcee, deliver performances that are nothing short of spectacular.

Delevingne, known for her formidable presence in the fashion and film industries, ventures into the realm of musical theatre with a portrayal of Sally Bowles that is as captivating as it is nuanced. Her interpretation of the role is a delicate balance of vulnerability and vivacity, bringing a raw and authentic energy to the character that is both refreshing and deeply moving. Delevingne's vocal performances, marked by an eerie beauty, add a new dimension to the beloved anthems of the show, leaving the audience spellbound and drawing them deeper into the narrative's emotional landscape.

Alongside Delevingne, Luke Treadaway's portrayal of the Emcee is a masterclass in theatricality. Treadaway captures the complex essence of the Emcee with a performance that is both sinister and seductive, his presence on stage a constant source of fascination. Together, Delevingne and Treadaway create a dynamic that is at once thrilling and thought-provoking, their chemistry a testament to the timeless appeal of "Cabaret" and its capacity to explore the darker facets of human nature.

This production, under the visionary direction of Rebecca Frecknall, retains the spirit of the original while infusing it with a contemporary edge that speaks to today's audiences. The staging is imaginative, and Tom Scutt’s costume designs are as eye-catching as ever, capturing the opulence and decadence of the era with flair and precision. Yet, it is the performances of Delevingne and Treadaway that elevate this revival, ensuring that the show remains a must-see in the West End.

"Cabaret" has long been celebrated for its bold storytelling and musical brilliance, and this latest iteration honors that legacy while inviting new interpretations. Delevingne's Sally Bowles is a figure of both strength and fragility, her journey resonating with audiences in a profoundly personal way. Treadaway's Emcee, meanwhile, serves as the perfect counterpoint, his performance a reminder of the power of theatre to challenge and enthrall.

The standing ovations and critical acclaim that have greeted this production are a testament to its impact, heralding a new era for "Cabaret" on the West End. Delevingne and Treadaway, alongside a talented cast and creative team, have created an experience that is both a celebration of the show's storied history and a bold statement of its ongoing relevance.

In sum, this revival of "Cabaret" at the Playhouse Theatre is a triumph, a dazzling spectacle that honors the legacy of the West End while pushing its boundaries in exciting new directions. With Delevingne and Treadaway leading the charge, the show is a testament to the enduring power of musical theatre to captivate, challenge, and inspire.

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