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It is imperative for the Philippines to elevate its efforts in combating climate change. With the world steadily approaching the critical 1.5-degree threshold, the escalating temperatures pose an imminent threat, particularly to vulnerable nations such as ours. During her my tenure at the DPWH, Anna Mae had the privilege of seeing first hand the  implementation of a national master plan that saw the construction of 11,340 flood control projects, a crucial step in fortifying our nation against the ravages of climate change. Under the leadership of Sen. Mark Villar, they championed the establishment of evacuation centers in every province, ensuring the safety and resilience of our communities in the face of environmental adversity. 

The time to act is now, and by intensifying Philippines’ fight against climate change, we can mitigate the risks, protect our people, and safeguard the future of Filipinos for generations to come.

  • “The threat of climate change is real and it is already haunting us. Investing in renewable energy, such as installing solar panels in our home, is no longer just a personal investment; it is an investment for cleaner, safer, healthier, and more livable future.”- Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo
  • “We must take climate action now. Let us not wait for the moment when we have to make that difficult choice between life and death; because we can choose now to have a safer and sustainable world.”- Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo
  • “In one of our visits, I met a fourth-year high school student, who was three months shy from graduation. Before Yolanda hit, he was studying for his exams with his girlfriend. It was supposed to be the last Christmas they would be dependent on their allowances. - Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo
  • They dreamed of traveling together after college. It was going to be their first time. They never had money to spare before. But in three months, they thought, everything would be all right. They only had to wait a few more months. After all, they had already waited for four years. - Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo
  • What he didn’t expect was the fact that the storm [Typhoon Haiyan] would be so strong he would have to choose between saving his girlfriend and her one-year-old niece. For months, he would stare longingly at the sea, at the exact same spot he found his girlfriend, with a piece of galvanized iron that was used for roofing pierced through her stomach. - Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo
  • It was a relief that one of the first projects we started under DPWH Secretary Mark Villar was the Leyte Tide Embankment, a storm surge protection structure that would serve as the first line of defense for residents of Tacloban, Palo, and Tanauan in Leyte should another typhoon hit the region.” - Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo , Night Owl: A Nationbuilder’s Manual 2nd Edition (p. 226, Build, Build, Build Projects Eastern Visayas)” - Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo

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