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Lamentillo takes Pride in Being an Army Reservist

December 9, 2022

Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Undersecretary and Army reserve 1st lieutenant Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo expressed her pride in being part of the Philippine Army as a reservist.

Lamentillo attended the Philippine Army Reservists’ first ever fellowship night where she and fellow reservists were honored for their service to the country and dedication to duty.

“I have so much respect for our soldiers. Their sense of duty and patriotism is admirable. They risk their lives just so most of us could sleep at night. That is why I’m proud to be part of the Army reserve force. It’s my commitment to always find the best way to serve our country,” said Lamentillo.

During the fellowship night, Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. cited the crucial role of reservists in nation-building, particularly in humanitarian assistance and disaster response efforts in times of calamities.

The reserve force serves as the expansion base for the regular force in times of national emergencies, war, rebellion, or invasion; assists in relief and rescue during disasters; assists in socioeconomic development; and assists in the operation and maintenance of essential government or private utilities in the advancement of the overall mission. 

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