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DICT discusses stronger Digital Cooperation with UK

December 22, 2022

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) seeks to strengthen digital cooperation with the government of the United Kingdom as part of efforts to aggressively pursue digital transformation initiatives.

In a meeting with Ambassador Laure Beaufils, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Philippines, DICT Undersecretary Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo discussed possible areas where the two nations can work together, such as strengthening cybersecurity, interoperability of cyber systems, cybersecurity capacity-building, programmatic support on cybersecurity, satellite communications, and Government Cloud and Big Data.

“The Philippines and the UK have a long history of cooperation, more than 70 years of bilateral relations. They have been our partner in many areas of development, and now we hope to further strengthen this partnership in the area of digitalization, particularly in cybersecurity and how they protect their citizens and companies from cyber threats,” said Lamentillo.

Earlier this year, the British Embassy Manila spearheaded a virtual forum in cybersecurity, where the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), UK’s implementer of cyber strategies and programs, shared how it helps realize the vision of cyberspace as a reliable and resilient place for people and businesses to flourish.

The DICT, under the leadership of Secretary Ivan John Uy, is exploring partnerships with other nations to further cooperation, exchange of knowledge, technical expertise, and best practices on digitalization, among other initiatives.

Lamentillo is spearheading the Department’s efforts, particularly in securing official development assistance, relative to the Marcos Administration’s Build Better More thrust, which aims to expand and improve the country’s digital infrastructure and strengthen ICT initiatives towards a truly digital Philippines.

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